Understanding the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and How Vardenafil 20mg Can Help You

Erectile dysfunction is a condition wherein a man regularly or repeatedly fails to obtain and/or maintain an erection.  Many people know the results of ED, but not all of us understand how and why it happens.  Before you think that you may be suffering from penile dysfunction and you need to treat it right away, you need to first understand more about exactly what erectile dysfunction is.

Based on studies conducted on ED, about 50% of men between the ages of 40 and 70 years old actually suffer from the effects of male impotence.  There are 2 main causes of erectile dysfunction:

Physical factors – a pre-existing medical condition: for example, many cardiovascular ailments will affect or obstruct the normal flow of blood to the penile shaft, thus resulting to the inability to achieve an erection.  Known conditions that affect the physical aspect of erectile dysfunction is diabetes mellitus.

Psychological factors – constant stress, negative feelings, and depression.  This means that a man can achieve a full erection at certain times, such as when they are sleeping (the event wherein the mind and psychological issues, if there are any, are less present).  This concludes that ED is caused by certain disturbances of the human psyche.

Thanks to the advancements in science, health and technology, researchers have found a more effective way to help men treat their erectile dysfunction-related problems. With the discovery of PDE5 inhibiting-medications such as vardenafil 20mg, men have a safer alternative of treating their erectile dysfunction as opposed to undergoing dangerous surgery which involves the insertion of prosthetic implants (in the form of artificial rods) inside the penis.

A lot of men are absolutely thankful that there are certain medications that can help them combat the effects of male impotence.  The exact names of the drugs that can help with erectile issues are: sildenafil (brand name Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), and vardenafil 20mg (Levitra).  Their action are all the same – they enhance the effects of nitric oxide which is a naturally-occurring substance in the body that relaxes the penile muscles, resulting to blood flowing freely to the penis, thus influencing erection in response to sexual stimulus.  These ED medications vary in dosage, the time it takes for them to work as well as their pros and their cons.

As a matter of fact, for those who are newly diagnosed with ED, their physician will most likely recommend them to use vardenafil 20mg, because unlike other ED medications, vardenafil 20mg works as fast as 15 minutes, can be taken with or without food, and can last up to 6 hours.  Viagra, on the other hand, kicks in after 30 minutes to 1 hour and it has to be taken absolutely on an empty stomach.  Vardenafil 20 mg has no known adverse side effects on your eyes, heart, and kidneys.  What most ED sufferers love about vardenafil 20mg is that they can eat whatever they like before or after taking it because there are no food or alcohol restrictions whatsoever.

Vardenafil 20mg is available in reputable online stores, and you can obtain them at cheaper prices as compared to physical pharmacies.  However, keep in mind that you must be cautious when buying at a particular website.  Know their history, do a bit of background check, find out if their products like vardenafil 20mg are legitimate, and ask others if they have had good experiences with that particular site.