The Many Proven Uses of HGH Supplements

The human growth hormone, or simply known as HGH, is a somatotropin or a peptide hormone wherein its function is to encourage growth, reproduction of new cells as well as regeneration in humans and other animals.  It is a naturally-occurring hormone that is produced, stored and released by the somatotropic cells located inside the anterior pituitary gland, specifically within its lateral wings.  In normal circumstances, the natural production of the human growth hormone stimulates a young individual to grow as he/she ages.  However, in some cases, too much or too little of this particular hormone can cause serious health problems.  For those who are deficient of the growth hormone, such as in children, it is recommended that they undergo HGH replacement therapy and/or take up HGH supplements.

Aside from helping young children who are HGH deficient, there are many other proven uses of HGH therapy with the use of HGH supplements.  Below are some of them:

HGH supplements can trigger one to lose weight.  It might sound unbelievable, but the intake of HGH supplements could be the answer to obese people’s problems who would like to lose those stubborn pounds and lead an obese-free life.  In 2004, a study by Pfizer, Inc., was conducted on obese individuals and it was found that they have lower-than-normal amounts of growth hormone within their body, which is the reason why it’s harder for them to shed off their excess weight, even if they exercise more frequently than those who are not obese.  Researchers have found out that in order to effectively lose weight while still maintaining a supple muscle mass, men and women who are obese should take low doses of growth hormone via the use of HGH supplements.  The intake of HGH supplements coupled with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle, have significantly helped obese men and women to maintain their healthy weights for up to 9 months.

HGH supplements can improve your physical health.  The human growth hormone is continuously produced throughout the life of a growing individual.  However, a logical explanation for the inhibition of its production is when a person grows older each year.  Not every human being is alike.  For instance, two people are aged 25: the first person may still have HGH being produced in his body while the other may have suddenly stopped due to various reasons (such as hormone deficiency, bad lifestyle habits, no exercise, stress, etc).  The use of HGH supplements can help improve your body’s protein production, leading to enhanced cell regeneration which results to faster tissue repair and other anti-aging effects.  Some of the major benefits of using these supplements include: improved vision, improved sexual health and libido, improved heart, liver and kidney functions, improved muscle growth, increased endurance and stamina, and improved production of other hormones that promote a healthy body.

HGH supplements can improve your mental health.  While some supplements out there in the market can help improve your physical health only, HGH supplements can also help when it comes to your mental health.  In order to live a healthy life, one must not only be physically fit, but also mentally.   HGH supplements, in the form of releasers, can significantly improve mental health, knock out depression symptoms, and even help you out on your sleeping disorders without much effort.  Many HGH supplement users have claimed to have enjoyed the following benefits: improved brain function, lessened or receding feeling of depression, mood swings are lessened and/or eliminated, improved memory concentration and focus, improved sex drive, and overall feeling of contentment and happiness.

The benefits mentioned above are definitely proven by HGH supplement users throughout the years.  Keep in mind that should you decide to use them yourself, buy from a legitimate source and research a bit to help you understand more about these helpers that can not only help you with your physical problems, but also help improve your mental health.