Summer is Almost Here: Get Out the Bike

Bicycling can be a very enjoyable sport and a great physical exercise. But you need to make sure you come prepared. Riding in the hot sun for long periods of time can deplete your body of valuable nutrients and can cause dehydration.
Always be sure to wear a powerful sunscreen and bring plenty of small snacks (protein bars, bananas, etc.). Always have sufficient amount of water with you at all times. You should be drinking at least a water bottle for every hour of riding you do, depending on temperature outside. You might need more if it is extremely hot out.

Unfortunately you should make sure you have extra tubes and tools to change a flat for the ride, in case you get a flat or two. As a safety precaution it is always a good idea to let someone know where you are going and an estimated time of when you’ll be back. If you have a cell phone that’s even better.

Remember when you’re riding your bike on the road, you are considered a vehicle, so obey all traffic signals, ride on the right side of the road and give signals when you are going to turn.

Now get out there on your bike and enjoy the beginning of summer!