Solve Your ED Problems with Generic Tadalafil

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is actually a sexual condition that most men fear of having.  It is a condition wherein they are unable to achieve penile erection.  It is feared because with it, they will be unable to successfully perform sexual intercourse with their partner. Although most men hardly consider thinking of having it, but once they do, they will likely try to find ways on how to solve the issue.  The problem though is that ED is such an embarrassing condition for men that they will hardly tell anyone about it.  While they may laugh about it if the topic comes up during conversation with friends, but it is highly unlikely that they will tell them they are suffering from it.

Erectile dysfunction is actually not a rare disorder for men.  It is said that at this very moment, there are over 100 million men all over the world that suffers from the condition.  Despite this, if you have it, you will feel like you have been robbed of your manhood because you will intentionally attempt to miss sexual opportunities, whether with your partner or with a date, because you fear your penis will not go up during sexual intercourse and you will be unable to satisfy them well.

For men that suffer from erectile dysfunction, the birth of PDE5 inhibitor drugs is like a blessing for them because these drugs are able to temporarily alleviate them of their erectile problems and be able to achieve normal erections for some point, enough to satisfy their sexual needs.  Of all PDE5 inhibitor drugs, the most notable is generic tadalafil.  Of course, Viagra is also a notable drug because it is the ED drug that started ED treatment and all.  However, generic tadalafil is easily the most notable because it has the longest effect when compared to its rivals.  The official duration of action of generic tadalafil is 36 hours, whereas the rest is only from 4-10 hours.  Generic tadalafil actually has several more times effective duration when compared with other ED drugs.  This is the reason why a lot of men with ED are moving into using generic tadalafil because they are not limited with the short duration that other ED drugs offer.  With generic tadalafil, they hardly feel they have erectile dysfunction at all.

It is important to put into context that the 36-hour effective duration that generic tadalafil gives you is not 36 hours’ worth of erection.  For such, you will already be suffering from priapism.  ED medications like generic tadalafil will not give you an instant erection upon taking the drug or upon the effect of the drug.  In order to have an erection, you will still need sexual stimulation by means of touch, sight, or imagination.  Only with the presence of a sexual stimulus will an erection be achieved.  And like a normal erection, once there is no more sexual stimulation or that climax has already been achieved, the penis will become limp again, until again sexually stimulated.