Sildenafil Generic – What It Can Do for You

Men should not be surprised when they experience difficulties in attaining erection since they can normally have it at some point of their lives. Often times it is just a result of stress or other psychological issues and might immediately go away. However, when it seems that the symptoms are not temporary and you are experiencing it all the time then this should alarm you already since it could be a sign of permanent erectile dysfunction. ED is characterized by a man’s inability to sustain normal erections during sexual stimulations. As what we have mentioned, psychological factors can be often blamed with the onset of impotence. However it could also be caused by other serious medical illness or disorders that you have not discovered all this time. In this case you may need to have it checked by a doctor for further diagnosis. If it is indeed ed then you will be more likely to be prescribed with ed pills like sildenafil generic, an effective solution to cure impotence.

The medication sildenafil generic is a type of PDE5 inhibitor drug which aims to enhance the flow of blood towards the genital part of a man so that he can get a hard on when sexually aroused. Just like the other similar drugs such as avanafil and Cialis, sildenafil generic works by inhibiting certain enzymes that halt the whole chain of process during sexual stimulations. Normally, when a man feels aroused his body releases nitric oxide to enable the expansion and contraction of the blood vessels. The expansion allows more blood to flow, particularly towards the penis, and the contraction traps or accumulates the blood within the penile region to maintain a hard on. Once the excitement is gone, the body stops the release of nitric oxide and everything gets back to normal. However, certain enzymes which we know as PDE5 can halt the whole chain of reactions as they break down the nitric oxide upon release. Even when sexually aroused, the breaking down of the chemicals will deprive your body from maintaining the expansion and contraction, thus you lose the erection. The sildenafil generic medication simply works by blocking the enzymes from breaking down the chemicals so that you can keep the nitric oxide floating around and thus maintain erection.

But be careful that sildenafil generic might have side effect since it is normally part of every drug. However, most of the side effects are minimal and tolerable. The drug’s effects greatly depend on your body’s tolerance or response with the treat in which we are all unique. Thus you cannot easily say that a particular drug will work for everyone and will have the same effects. If you have other health problems then it is much better that you consult first your doctor to ensure that sildenafil generic is safe for your usage. If the medication is safe for you then you can freely buy sildenafil generic at any of your local drug stores. You may also choose to buy sildenafil generic for cheaper costs.