HGH Effects on the Body

For most athletes and bodybuilders, human growth hormones are considered as miraculous and powerful substance in the body. The main reason behind the hormone’s popularity is due to its beneficial effects in building muscles and increasing fat metabolism. Aside from body enhancement and strength training, the hormones are also good for keeping oneself young and vivacious due to its anti-aging capabilities. Whether you are a professional athlete or just an ordinary individual striving to live life healthier and happier, you can certainly enjoy the benefits of HGH supplementation together with a healthy regimen.

Human growth hormones are basically secreted at the pituitary gland when naturally triggered by the hypothalamus, a small portion of the brain which controls the autonomic functions of the body. The hormones are abundant during childhood years to cope up with the growth demands. Therefore, as soon as you reach maturity, these hormones gradually decline in number since you don’t need them for growth anymore. The percentage of the hormones left in your body will not help you about growing anymore but instead, they become focused on other roles such as keeping the body’s metabolism, maintaining your youthful glow, help maintain your immune system, and many other essential functions. As you age, you will experience many aging symptoms, such as decreased vitality and wrinkles, since your HGH level has gone down.

Many bodybuilders believed that taking HGH pills will help them increase muscles mass, body metabolism, and strength. These claims are true since they are supported with reliable research. However, you will not experience the maximum benefits if you don’t combine them with the proper training and diet.

Some important benefits of HGH pills

HGH pills can be very helpful, and in fact being recommended by doctors, for people who have suffered growth hormone deficiency. For individuals using it for performance enhancement, HGH pills are good at increasing lean muscle mass and metabolism. When you have higher level of natural growth hormones, protein synthesis is enhanced so new muscles cells are developed. People who use HGH pills also lose weight faster due to increased metabolism. Fats are burned easily for muscle repair as well as for energy to fuel you during your trainings, body metabolism, and other activities. Other amazing benefits include enhanced sexual life, better RMS sleep, younger-looking skin, improved functions of the heart and kidney, enhanced immune system, and many others.

Effects of HGH pills abuse

Although higher levels of HGH do have good advantages for the body, an overdosage of these hormones may provide your harmful effects. Take note that your body has its own tissue resistance which you need to consider before taking any body enhancement drugs. Aside from the harmful effects, taking higher dosage of HGH pills will not give you faster results either. Some of the dangerous effects include acromelagy, damage of the liver and thyroid, and lower insulin levels. Some experts also claim that HGH may cause diabetes milletus, carpal tunnel syndrome, high pancreatic enzymes, and an increased risk of cancer. However, most of these claims are not supported with strong evidence. Scientists are still on their way of discovering other potential effects as well the other usage of these hormones.