Furosemide 40mg: Diuretic Tablets

Diuretics. These are specific type of drugs which are used to decrease swelling and fluid retention. Fluid retention in our body occurs if we have certain conditions like heart failure and liver problems.

One of the most commonly used diuretic is furosemide 40mg. Furosemide 40mg, also known as water pill, is a potent diuretic and it causes our kidneys to eliminate excess water and sodium in our body. Our kidneys, usually filter out salt, water, and, other toxins out of our blood. The urine is the by-product of this process. But, most of the water and sodium that is sieved out is reabsorbed back into the blood before it turns into urine and is removed from the body. Here is where furosemide 40mg comes in. It works by hindering the absorption of water and sodium back into the bloodstream, causing diuresis or an increase in urine output. Furosemide 40mg is marketed under the name of Lasix

A low sodium or low salt diet is recommended for patients taking furosemide as an antidiuretic. The treatment will be futile if the patient is still taking in a lot of salt because this will enhance absorption of water as well as retention. Potassium supplements may be given and an increased amount of food rich in potassium is recommended. If there is a good supply of potassium in our body, there will be decreased sodium. Potassium and sodium works in contrast with each other. Some of potassium rich foods are bananas, prunes, raisins, and orange juice. A daily exercise program is also necessary.