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Summer is Almost Here: Get Out the Bike

Bicycling can be a very enjoyable sport and a great physical exercise. But you need to make sure you come prepared. Riding in the hot sun for long periods of time can deplete your body of valuable nutrients and can cause dehydration.
Always be sure to wear a powerful sunscreen and bring plenty of small snacks (protein bars, bananas, etc.). Always have sufficient amount of water with you at all times. You should be drinking at least a water bottle for every hour of riding you do, depending on temperature outside. You might need more if it is extremely hot out.
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“Exercise Lite” – Learn To Live With It

Soon after writing last month’s editorial on “Exercise Lite,” I departed for the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual meeting in Minneapolis. The first question on my mind was: What will be ACSM’s future position on the frequency, duration and intensity of exercise recommended to the American public?

I was expecting some accommodation of its position to the findings of the Harvard Alumni Health Study. As reported in last month’s editorial, recent analysis of that data for the relationship between exercise intensity and longevity found “that vigorous activity was associated with longevity, but nonvigorous activity was not associated with longer life, even when the same amount of energy was expended.” It would make sense, I thought, to recommend that people get moving and work up to the effective 6 METs intensity level as soon as safe and achievable.

What I found is that ACSM is as committed as ever to the light-to-moderate exercise prescription. Moreover, this will be highly publicized to the American people over the next few years by a coalition of government, private and business entities. The coalition’s efforts may be the largest-ever “initiative to get Americans off the couch.” Several sessions at the ACSM meeting indicated how deep and wide the commitment is to the lower end of exercise duration and intensity.
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HGH Supplements – Your Proper Choice

As we grow older, we are more and more in tune to staying healthy.  This is nothing like when we were during our youth as we usually did not give any care or consider the abuse that we give our body.  These days though, as we reach our middle ages, we consider exercising more, eat healthier, and even take health supplements to assist us with our goals of staying healthy and physically fit.  The problem though is that we are not being introduced to the proper health supplement that can basically increase and boost our overall health and physical wellbeing.  What we mean by this is the use of HGH supplements.  Basically, these HGH supplements can be considered as the proper health supplement that we need for our body to stay strong, fit, and healthy.

There are actually many types of health supplements available in the market today.  But none of these supplements actually can compete with the benefits that you can get from taking HGH supplements.  This is because HGH supplements can actually provide you with the most health benefits than any other dietary supplement out there in the market.  Through the use of HGH pills, you will be able to boost your immune system and thus be less prone to sickness as well as infections. Continue reading

Fairness in Sports

Years ago, I used to give private pitching lessons to kids. During these half-hour sessions I spent plenty of time talking with the parents of these children. Most of the time it was a pleasure to speak with these folks. They usually had realistic perspectives when it came to their children’s abilities. Of course, there were exceptions.

During these half-hour lessons, some parents would give their child more instructional advice than I would. It made me wonder what they were paying me for. Some wanted to tell me why their son wasn’t pitching. The number-one reason given was that the coach of the team would pitch his own son even though he had no talent. It just wasn’t fair.

What could I say to these parents? I did not know if their statements were true or the understandably biased opinions of proud parents. Not knowing the whole picture, I usually responded to their venting with pointless remarks such as, “Yeah, Little League can be pretty frustrating at times.” Sometimes, I even found myself agreeing with them, taking their side against a coach I’d never met. For all I know the man might have just been honored in Williamsport as the Little League coach of the decade, and his son really is the second coming of Roger Clemons. Still, I would make a comment like “It’s too bad your son has to play for a coach who is so selfish.” Oh well, like the old adage says: The customer is always right. Continue reading

The Many Proven Uses of HGH Supplements

The human growth hormone, or simply known as HGH, is a somatotropin or a peptide hormone wherein its function is to encourage growth, reproduction of new cells as well as regeneration in humans and other animals.  It is a naturally-occurring hormone that is produced, stored and released by the somatotropic cells located inside the anterior pituitary gland, specifically within its lateral wings.  In normal circumstances, the natural production of the human growth hormone stimulates a young individual to grow as he/she ages.  However, in some cases, too much or too little of this particular hormone can cause serious health problems.  For those who are deficient of the growth hormone, such as in children, it is recommended that they undergo HGH replacement therapy and/or take up HGH supplements.

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A Very Special Present

I decided that I needed to get back in shape and nothing was going to stop me, right after my next pizza. For the first couple of months, that is exactly how I did it. I was always going to start tomorrow until one day I decided that this was the day.

I have always loved lifting weights so that was how I started, eventually I added a mile run to the end of a 30-minute workout and all-in-all, I lost about five pounds.

I started to give up when I remembered a saying I had heard years before when I was competing in bodybuilding, “if you want to look extreme, you have to be extreme.” I took this saying to heart and started training extreme and somehow, contrary to popular ideas about training, it worked and it worked pretty fast. I must once again urge that anyone starting a program like this should get the OK from a doctor first.

Are you ready? Here it goes!

The first thing I did was set down and formulate a program that incorporated aerobic fitness and muscle strength along with a pretty well-balanced diet. I set down a few “laws” and started working toward them knowing that I had set them so high, I couldn’t help but be in great shape when I hit them. I wanted to be able to run five miles, squat 405 pounds, bench 315 pounds and comfortable fit into 32 waist jeans. I knew that if I hit all four of these goals, I would be where I wanted to be. Continue reading

Stretching Secrets

Grunt! Breathe. Grunt! Breathe. Grunt! Rip! ‘AAAHHH!’ Oh, the sound of not stretching. Many beginners, and even some experienced weightlifters, do not stretch before or after a workout.

Some forget and some just avoid stretching because they think of it as a waste of time. When injuries result, however, stretching seems much more worthwhile.

It is important to stretch before and after each workout to prevent injury and even build muscle. Before a lifting session, a person’s muscles are usually “cold” and stiff. The tighter the muscles are, the more susceptible the muscles and tendons are to injury while lifting weights (or any type of exercise, for that matter).

Muscles are “connected” to tendons, which are connected to bones. Tendons don’t stretch like muscles do. Even movements that are slightly abnormal or straining for the muscles can cause damage to muscle tissue or tendons that is more damaging than what usually occurs during lifting. The tighter the muscle is, the greater the pull of the muscle on the tendon (and thus the bone), which increases the chance of injury. When the muscles are stretched out even a little bit, they become warmer and more relaxed. When muscles are warm and more relaxed the chance of injury decreases because they have a greater ability to expand and contract. Continue reading