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Finasteride 1mg – The Only Effective Treatment Against Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is a type of hair loss condition that is easily identifiable through its pattern-like balding effect.  Always, the baldness begins through a reduction of hair line at the temples and/or a clearing of the hair at the top or crown area.  When the loss of hair condition is like this, it is already indicative that you have male pattern baldness.

Male pattern baldness is hereditary in nature.  This means if you have immediate relatives like uncle, father, or brother that have the condition, it is possible that you may have already acquired the genetic trait but the condition has not just yet manifested itself, or maybe it has manifested but you simply cannot do something about it.  The truth about going bald under such condition has always been a problem for men since the dawn of time.  Many have tried to find ways on how to solve the problem.  Sadly, the solution they always come up with is hair treatments that come in creams, ointments, or spray.  All of these are topical in nature and does not really address the problem.  While it is true that their hair growing elements are very effective, this form of treatment is simply not effective in stopping the thinning of hair follicles. Continue reading

HGH Effects on the Body

For most athletes and bodybuilders, human growth hormones are considered as miraculous and powerful substance in the body. The main reason behind the hormone’s popularity is due to its beneficial effects in building muscles and increasing fat metabolism. Aside from body enhancement and strength training, the hormones are also good for keeping oneself young and vivacious due to its anti-aging capabilities. Whether you are a professional athlete or just an ordinary individual striving to live life healthier and happier, you can certainly enjoy the benefits of HGH supplementation together with a healthy regimen.

Human growth hormones are basically secreted at the pituitary gland when naturally triggered by the hypothalamus, a small portion of the brain which controls the autonomic functions of the body. The hormones are abundant during childhood years to cope up with the growth demands. Therefore, as soon as you reach maturity, these hormones gradually decline in number since you don’t need them for growth anymore. The percentage of the hormones left in your body will not help you about growing anymore but instead, they become focused on other roles such as keeping the body’s metabolism, maintaining your youthful glow, help maintain your immune system, and many other essential functions. As you age, you will experience many aging symptoms, such as decreased vitality and wrinkles, since your HGH level has gone down. Continue reading